"I wish that everyone can sing a joyful melody" - Milafare Altarela

Commission Status: OPEN

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT:- We are now available on VGen! Sadly we're closing our services on SoundBetter and Fiverr.- We are available for contact fom 09.00 to 21.00 on Sunday to Thursday, 09.00 - 18.00 on Friday. Do not disturb us on Saturday- New prices across the board starting TODAY! Lite = 30 USD/min, Medium = 60 USD/min, Heavy = 90 USD/min!- Please join our Discord or Guilded server for fastest communication!- Bluesky is now online!


Hello and welcome to Milafare Studio! We specialize in creating music for original characters and V-Tubers on art-trade requests or commissions. Thank you for the time to visit our Carrd website!Our rates start at $30 per Rendered Minute. Ready for commercial use and royalty-free! If you need more details on the pricing, go here. Otherwise, go ahead and send us an inquiry e-mail. Further questions? Feel free join our Discord or Guilded

Our Services: Specialization and Scope
(A.K.A. Do's & Don'ts)

Specialized (Do)Within our Scope (Do)Beyond our Scope (Don't)
GenresClassical, Symphonic, Orchestral, StorytellerElectronic, Eurobeat, Pop, Lo-fi, Ambient, Dance, Trance, Instrumental, HardcoreRock, Metal, Rap
FeaturesOne-stop music production from composing to masteringHire vocalists to sing your lyrics (with additional cost) or use Vocaloid 6Recording live vocals or instruments ourselves.

Prefer the freelancer's platforms?

We have our "branch" on moderated platforms like VGen or Artistree with exactly same service but with slightly different rates to compensate with the platforms' cuts. Remember to follow all of their Terms of Service along with our ToS here.

Why Choose Us?

- All-In-One Service
In real-world cases, you'll need to hire songwriter, lyricist, composer, producer, mixing engineer, and mastering engineer as separate job. But here in MLFR Studio, we can produce a song from start to finish, all in one place!
- Relatively Low Cost
We're still new on this audio industry, and we're not some famous big-shot artist. Therefore, we can provide you cheaper rates (but never too low to ruin the whole music industry standard).

The Showcase

As time goes by, we always learn and discover new techniques, genres, and stories from our partner clients. Below is our Releases Portfolio based on Art Trade Requests from Altar of the Swan

Roadmap Summary

"Academic Memories" Arc (Predebut)
- Mili A's Journey // Released on 12th of August 2020
- Mili A's Hidden Memories // Released on 25th of September 2020
"Milafare Altarela's Adventures" (MAA) Arc
> MAA Volume 1 - From Snow to Flower (FSTF) // Released on 8th of January 2021
> MAA Volume 2 - Living with Excitement and Thrills in Lexith (LXTH) // Released on 23rd of April 2021
> MAA Volume 3 - Radiant Sunshine and Falling Leaves (RSFL) // Released on 3rd of December 2021
> MAA Volume 4 - Anthem From The Battlefield (AFTB) // Released on 4th of November 2022
"Visitors of Plana Sonus" (VPS) Arc
> VPS Volume 1 - Lively Metropolitan (LVMT) // Delayed
Singles Collection
- Waltz of the Witches in 3 AM // Released on 31st of October 2021
- Pink and Chocolate // Released on 14th of February 2022
- Pumpkin Mansion // Release on 31st of October 2022
- Banquet of Abundance // Release on 31st of October 2023


EP / Album

2021 - 2022
Milafare Altarela's Adventures (Pt. 1)

2021 - 2022
Milafare Altarela's Adventures (Pt. 2)

Shop & Tip Jar

Like what you listen from our Showcase? You can purchase our Albums from Bandcamp, Gumroad, or Ko-Fi! All purchases (and paid extra) goes straight to the Altar of the Swan Tip Jar, which you can claim the discount for your next order here! You can also leave few tips via Widgets below under the button at any amount. Please make sure that you save the receipt!

PlatformSupported FormatsBonus ArtworksStarting From
BandcampMP3 V0, MP3 320, FLAC, AAC, OGG, ALAC, WAV, AIFFYes$8
GumroadMP3 320, WAVYes$5
Ko-FiMP3 320No$3

Click any of these buttons to go directly to respective stores!


We provide a wide price range and a variety of options to suit your budget and needs, mostly BGM. All base rates include Commercial Use and Royalty Free. You can use the track permanently as long as you want without paying any royalties to us.Giving tips to our Tip Jar (via Patreon, Ko-Fi, BMAC, Trakteer, etc.) are always welcome and you can claim a 1:1 discount for your next order IF you can provide the receipt. Your discount via tip jar is only avaialble for up to 1 year.

Composing & Producing

Composing & Producing is our primary dish in the commission menu. Our rates are based on the song's duration AND amount of instruments used. Starting October 2022, we support Lyrics by using Vocaloid 6! We use FL Studio SE (Signature Edition) v.21 as our main DAW.

Program SettingsTurnover ExpectationInstrument LimitRate
Lite7 days10 + 3$30/min ($15/30s)
Medium14 days20 + 5$60/min ($30/30s)
Heavy21 days30 + 10$90/min ($45/30s)

What we need

  • Usage Intent : Personal; Commercial (Streaming); Commercial (Merch).

  • References & Files : Imagery of your character or location.

  • The Story in Text : What kind of message and/or story that you want us to convey through the song?

  • Showcasing Consent : By default, the end result will be posted on YT and/or Spotify. WIPs will come as screenshots on most social media. NDA requires 100 USD

  • Deadline Expectation : Leave it blank for flexible deadline or just following our expected timeline. But we will notify you if your timeline might be stretched out.

  • Addons : High Priority Order, Stems, Synth Vocals, Hired Vocalist.


We also provide additional features on top of your basic order to increase the value and quality of your song.

High Priority Order (HPO)
If you're in a rush, we can increase our working power and finish your song faster, but it will cost extra. The HPO rate is 2 minutes added on top of Normal Package rate
In other words, a 2-minute "Medium" HPO = 4-minute "Medium" NPO
HPO is NOT available for discount.

Package NameTurnover Expectation Additional Rate
Lite7 days ➡ 5 days+$60
Medium14 days ➡ 10 days+$120
Heavy21 days ➡ 14 days+$180

Additional Revisions
We value our customer satisfaction for using our services. But we will not accept any form of customer abuse to add extra workload to our producers. Please make sure to give us your crystal-clear instructions and your visions. And we will deliver your wishes effectively and efficiently. If you're asking for more revisions beyond the included limit, you will be charged extra based on the Additional Revisions rates below, depending on the service that you ordered.
Separated Stems
You can also "buy" per-channel tracks if you want to use them for remixing or forward them to your Mixing and/or Mastering Engineer. Please tell us if you want it Dry (without mixer FX), Wet (processed with Mixer FXs), or both (cost double). Stems from Lite Contract is $5; Medium Contract is $10; Heavy Contract is $20.
Synthesized Vocalist (via Vocaloid 6)
We're now supporting vocals and lyrics with the help of Vocaloid 6! This will not add extra charges to your order, but we might need extra days to tune the vocals.
Hired Vocalist (carrd.co Exclusive)
We have a small network of singers who can provide their voices to sing the lyrics of your song. But, this will heavily add to the cost (depending on our negotiation with the said singer) and must be paid altogether with Down Payment (DP). For this, we need the lyrics in DOCX or TXT files. Discounts do not apply for this Add-on

Add-on Item NameAdditional Days Additional Rate
Additional Revision+2 / +2 / +3 days+$5 / +$10 / +$15
Separated Stems+1 day+$5 / +$10 / +$15
Synthesized Vocalist (Vocaloid)at least 3 daysFREE!
Hired Vocalistextra days may varyRates may vary

Terms of Service

Last Updated: 16th of November, 2023

Initiation of Contract and Down Payment

  • Fill in the Inquiry Form in our Contact with the appropriate subject. You can also reach us by E-mail, Discord Server, or Guilded Server).

  • Your inquiry is usually replied to within 1 x 24 hours until 3 x 24 hours. If you're contacting us via Discord or Guilded, we can reply within an hour, but usually not longer than 12 hours.

  • Please provide every required material listed in Pricing to initiate a Commission Contract.

  • After we confirmed your materials, we will get you back in your preferred social contact and discuss further the details if we decided to accept your Proposal. We require 50% Down Payment to start your order's clock.

  • We have the right to decline your commission order if it's beyond our scope (unrealistic deadline, using a specific plug-in/instrument that we don't own, impossible genres, etc.) If this occurs, you don't need to pay anything. Any references that you've sent will be deleted from our system.

  • If you use the "High Priority" add-on, the DP is 50% of Basic Order, added with the appropriate 100% High Priority additional rate (ex. 3-minutes "Medium" HPO will cost $240 + $160 = $400. The DP is $120 + $160 = $280)

  • If your primary currency is not in USD, you may need further consultation with us depending on the currency exchange rate between your country's currency and US Dollars.

  • Exclusive to local (Indonesian) clients who use IDR, $1 = Rp. 10.000,00. You cannot use your friend's or family's bank account who lives in Indonesia for payment to claim a "local discount"!

  • We accept payments via PayPal, Wise, and local banks (Bank Mandiri, BTPN Jenius, and Bank Neo Commerce)

Contracts Initiated on Other Platforms (VGen, Artistree)

  • All payments and communication must be done on respective platforms.

  • Discord and Guilded Communications will be logged as screenshots and posted in the Order Log or alike as "proof" for the platform management.


For Composing & Producing

  • About 3-5 days after we receive your DP, we will send a Piano-only, full-duration "Draft" MP3 to your E-mail. Starting there, you can provide Feedback regarding the composition (including melody & chord progression). You can also add additional instructions from there and it will use your Free Revision. Any composition changes beyond this point are subject to Additional Revision.

  • If you already have your own composition, you can sing it or give a draft of it and we will expand it. If that is the case, you will be attributed along with us (ex. [YOUR NAME] ft. Milafare Altarela)

  • WARNING: If you decide to give us Full Delegation, we will not accept any major Revisions (beyond 50% scope). Delegation phrases include "Anything is fine", "suit yourself", "up to you", etc.

Work In Progress Procedure

  • Tracking the progress of your order will be done on our Trello, Discord, or Guilded. But since that board were public knowledge, the card info provided only has your alias and overview of your order (ex. 120s Medium).

  • We also provide a private text channel in Discord or Guilded that only be accessible to you.

  • At D-day, we will notify you with a screenshot that your full Mastered Track has been done. You must fully pay the rest and then you can have the Track along with other files in a ZIP.

  • If we found any technical difficulties on our side, we'll contact you immediately and update your status on Trello, Discord, or Guilded.

  • We hope that you respond to our progress updates within 24 - 48 hours. If not, your song will be suspended and we'll move on to other clients' work.

Finalization and Completion of Contract with Attribution Clauses

  • Make sure to pay the leftover debt (if you only pay the DP) before we deliver your order.

  • Composing & Producing orders will be uploaded to the public on our SoundCloud and YouTube, labeled [COMMISSION] on the title. We will NOT release your commissioned track to our music distributor (they are the one who released our tracks from the Altar of the Swan to Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, etc.)

  • You have to attribute "Milafare Altarela" as the Music Artist (Primary or Featuring) when you use the track in public for your streams, videos, or selling them as merchandise (CDs, Vinyls, tape casettes if you still use them).

  • We provide up to 5 days grace period for post-delivery Revisions, beyond that will mark the Contract as Completed.

Contingency Clauses, Discounts, and Refunds

  • You are eligible for discounts and refunds if:

  • 1. For personal use with 50% after calculating all the costs. But please remember that you cannot redistribute the song for public audience if you choose this. Exception for this one is for academic assignments, and you have to provide a proposal for us to read.

  • 2. You can provide a receipt from purchasing our Albums at Bandcamp, Gumroad, or Ko-Fi. That also includes giving tips on our Tip Jar at Ko-Fi, BMAC, or Trakteer.

  • 3. The Contract took longer than expected timeframe.

  • 4. No additional progress from us in The Contract since the last update or revisions.

  • 5. When you mutually agreed with us to terminate the Contract below 30% (Drafting Phase).

  • You are NOT eligible for discounts and refunds if:

  • 1. You didn't follow up with the revisions or didn't respond within 120 hours (roughly 5 days) after our progress updates.

  • 2. You ordered Hired Vocals.

  • 3. The progress of the Contract has reached 80% (Mixing Phase).

  • 4. Violating any clauses from this Terms of Service.

Termination and Violation of Contract

  • Terminating an ongoing Contract means that you will only receive your track "as-is" in proportion of progress with no further revisions may be applied. Your Down Payment is NOT refundable at this point.

  • The terminated song may be recycled for other purposes, including rework, tweaking, and releasing via distributor that only be performed by Milafare Altarela.

  • Your Contract will be "Terminated by Abandonment" if you didn't respond after 120 hours (5 days) after we posted updates to your media. You cannot ask for a refund.

  • Other violations beyond the scope of this Terms of Service may include: Rapid pinging; use of offensive language; hiring 3rd party composer & producers using our Draft; initiating a Chargeback to our Paypal, Wise, or Indonesian Bank accounts after completion of Contract; doxxing our identities (name, location, etc.), slandering, and other actions that will ruin day-to-day operations of Milafare Altarela.

  • Constructive critics and complaints are not part of the Contract Violations, feel free to contact us during or after the Contract.

  • You will receive infractions according to the severity scale of committed violations. A permanent ban will be issued when you crossed the line to the point of no return. Evading the ban by using a middleman or alternate identity won't help you at all.

What You will Get (without Add-ons)

  • Finalized Stereo MP3 file, 320 kbps Bitrate Quality

  • Finalized Stereo WAV file, 32-bit Quality (only included in Medium or Heavy)

  • Youlean Loudness Meter 2 Pro "Loudness Report" including Loudness Unit & Dyamic Range graph

  • A PDF copy of your Invoice (automatically included if you order via Artistree or VGen)

Contact Information

  • We recommend using VGen or Artistree for commission orders.

  • Limited promos or public updates can be seen on Facebook or X/Twitter.

  • Other inquiries such as general questions, availability, or just want to chat with the crew can be done on Discord or Guilded.

  • All buttons in Our External Links are official and personally owned by MLFR Studio crew. If any of the link are broken, please contact us ASAP and we'll fix them. Other links that impersonates us are FAKES!

Contact Information